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Why use human skin explants for your cosmetic claim substantiation? by Adrien Decheix

29 January 2016

 In vitro assays Business Development Manager North America at BIOalternatives Inc – 28 janv. 2016 – Pulse

At the 70th Annual Scientific Meeting of the SCC in New York, the following question was frequently raised:


“Why test our products on human skin explants prior to clinical testing?


From a scientific point of view

  • Living human skin explants obtained from fresh skin biopsies represent a model close to in vivo human skin
  • They contain all resident cell types in the epidermis and in the dermis, including a cutaneous barrier and a dermo-epidermal junction
  • Due to the complete structure of the skin explants and their viability in culture for 10-12 days, skin explants are ideal for laboratory testing and a good alternative for product and ingredient evaluation


Strategically speaking, preliminary testing on human skin explants will make you save both time and money. We are aware that many of our customers have obtained unusable clinical data and are now seeking our assistance to avoid a new expensive clinical study. We have therefore developed numerous assays in order to allow you to:

  • Evaluate the efficacy of the formulation / association of active ingredients prior to clinical testing
  • Select the best formulation(s) among your product range
  • Reposition one or several of your products onto new target markets

We hope that we have provided you with concrete answers and look forward to assisting you in all the development phases of your products.


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