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Webinar: Cosmetic Claims – Reality not Dreams: Non-compliance and Misinformation by TKS

11 June 2023


Claims are the bedrock of all our cosmetic products, and without them we would have no industry. However, ensuring that claims meet the consumer desire of ‘proof it works’ i.e. evidenced-based claims, is difficult for many brands especially in an over-saturated marketplace. While the industry enjoys quality education on building data to support their claims such as through educational webinars from quality CRO’s, as well as those discussing the types of methods that can be used to support specialised claims such as wrinkle reduction, microbiome, etc., this webinar takes a different approach.

The reason?

Cosmetic claims today have become more than just about efficacy and sensorial attributes — they have become statements going beyond the remit of the definition of a cosmetic product (EU Regulation 1223/2009, Article 2.1.a). They have at times become aggressive and even irrelevant to the purpose of the product.

In this webinar we will discuss some of the key issues surrounding cosmetic claims from the how we need to address what cosmetic claims should be to the major issue we are currently facing and that is misinformation and disinformation form within our industry as well outside our industry. The impact of these issues on the quality and integrity of the science and evidence required to support claims will also be discussed. We will present viewpoints from 3 key speakers representing Regulatory Affairs & Toxicology, the Active Ingredient Supplier, and the Brands.

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