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Replay of the Webinar: Testing trends at in-cosmetics Global Paris 2024

29 April 2024


Explore Trends and Innovations with the post show Boost Your Test webinar

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📅 25th April 2024

⏰ 3:pm [CEST]

We are thrilled to invite you to our upcoming exclusive webinar, organized in collaboration with in-cosmetics global. This exciting session will present the latest trends and innovations in the field of preclinical and clinical testing, observed during the unavoidable in-cosmetics Global in Paris, from April 16 to 18 2024.

Led by our CEO, Anne Charpentier, this presentation promises to be a dive into the advancements and discoveries in the cosmetic industry. Furthermore, we are delighted to welcome our sponsors :

  • Pixience
  • PhD Trials
  • Abich
  • Zurko Research
  • Miravex
  • ALS Group

who will showcase their expertise in the field of testing. Their contribution will offer diverse and complementary perspectives.

👉 This webinar is designed for anyone interested in innovation in the cosmetics industry, from research and development professionals to product managers and strategic decision-makers. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore the latest advancements and immerse yourself in emerging trends in the cosmetics industry. Reserve your spot now for our webinar on April 25, 2024, at 3:00 PM [CEST].

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C-Cube 3: The only imager specifically designed to observe all the effects of your dermocosmetic ranges with Pixience

Pixience is committed to designing innovative solutions to support your clinical studies. The C-Cube 3 is a cutting-edge videodermoscope specially designed to support your claims and boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, thanks to its ultra-high resolution color images. The only imager to take measurements in a closed optical chamber, it guarantees unrivalled accuracy of 0.1%, ensuring absolute reliability when assessing skin and hair characteristics. Observe the smallest variations resulting from the effects of your ranges, right down to those linked to the skin’s micro-relief. Featuring true 3D reconstruction and color calibration, C-Cube 3 is the most powerful and complete device on the market. It allows you to analyze all areas of the body, and even perform ex-vivo measurements.

New in vivo strategies to evaluate anti-ageing products using advanced image analysis and Artificial Intelligence algorithms with PhD Trials

Artificial Intelligence algorithms are being used by scientists to create automatic classification systems that help and improve the output of large data sets. During In Cosmetics Global we presented our new analysis methods for the evaluation of anti-ageing products focused on ageing. With these methods we use some of the more advanced AI algorithms to classify and help to segment images obtained from our state of the art systems such as the Confocal Microscope and the new VISIA CR units in order to speed the process and increase the sensitivity.


Unlocking the Predictable Pattern: Enhancing Sunscreen Formulation and SPF Testing Through Understanding Photodegradation with Abich Lifeanalytics

The physiological photodegradation of sunscreen filters follows a predictable pattern once normalization to the starting SPF value is considered. This baseline aids in predicting SPF loss over time and supports sunscreen formulation research and development. By understanding photodegradation, we can improve in-use behavior and prevent consumer harm. Additionally, this knowledge could lead to a correction factor for in vitro SPF measurements, potentially replacing costly and ethically challenging in vivo tests. While current in vitro methods lack reliability due to various real-life variables, addressing photostability is a crucial step towards a more efficient and ethical SPF testing process.

Antera 3D and its application for evaluation of cosmetic products with Mirave

We will describe the Antera 3D – (Miravex, Ireland) – that allows users to image, measure and analyse in a quantitative way skin topography, colour and spectral properties.
We will discuss several case studies showing how the Antera 3D is able to measure the efficacy of cosmetic products for a range of claims spanning from wrinkles to pigmentation and scars.
Furthermore, we will review the extensive bibliography of peer reviewed publication on the Antera 3D with a focus on Cosmetics applications.


Hair loss: understanding the impact of seasonality and climate changes with Zurko Researc

In this conference we will present a case study that highlights the evaluation of seasonal hair loss in volunteers, providing valuable insights. We will explore how the variation in temperatures in recent years impacts the seasonality of hair loss. This event offers a unique opportunity to understand the intersection between hair health and the environment, revealing crucial connections that will inform future hair care practices in a climate change context.



Teenage Acne is an Inside Job with ALS 

Teenage acne is common and is often caused by several factors, with one being the role of gut health. We’ll explore how the SAD (Standard American Diet) leaves many deficient and contributes to poor gut health, leading to skin issues through inflammation and dysregulation. The intestine and the skin host diverse bacterial, fungal, and viral species that maintain symbiosis with the human habitat. Disrupting this balance might lead to an impaired barrier function. Instead of only treating the outer layers of the skin, consider the role of gut health and diet and how they contribute to acne.

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