A better way to evaluate the safety of essential oils utilized in cosmetic products by Eurosafe

9 November 2018

The European market for essential oils has displayed sustained and unprecedented growth for several years. This attractive trend has gained the attention of cosmetic manufacturers, who seek to participate in this trend by integrating complex yet natural ingredients in their formulations.

However, the use of essentials oils is not without risk. The safety of these products must be evaluated in accordance with the third article from the Regulation of the European Parliament (CE) n°1223/2009.

EUROSAFE has developed a method of toxicological analysis to determine the maximal concentration of essential oils that should be included in any cosmetic base. Moreover, EUROSAFE draws from diverse methodologies ranging from a QRA (Qualitative Risk Assessment) approach, to a comprehensive analysis that precisely identifies all chemical compounds present in essential oils.


This evaluation completes the standard process by which cosmetic products are evaluated for safety after their production. Results can be included in the safety report, written in accordance with the requirements of the Annex to the Regulations of the European Parliament (CE) n°1223/2009.

Please direct inquiries to Cécile Mounier at +33 (0)2 99 23 63 56 or by e-mail at sales@eurosafe.fr.

Retrieve EUROSAFE: https://www.eurosafe.fr




Cécile Mounier

+33 (0)2 99 23 63 56


Parc d’Affaires de la Bretèche,

35760 Saint-Grégoire


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