Soothing effect of after-sun products: the Dermscan approach

17 January 2018

When the skin is attacked by the sun, it presents many signs such as: erythema, vasodilatation, hyperthermia and hypersensitivity…

To demonstrate the soothing effect of after-sun products, Dermscan implements complementary approaches: – UV irradiation (> 1MED) leads to the appearance of a sunburn.

The evolution of the redness (a*), with or without a soothing product, can be followed (spectrocolorimeter, Mexameter®). – Infra-red exposure leads to the appearance of a thermal erythema.

Microcirculation measurement with laser Doppler, or TiVi® as well as skin temperature (thermal camera, Laser Doppler) allows to compare the soothing and cooling effects of the products.




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