Evaluation of anti-aging and repulping activities of Ialugen Advance Care Programm by Dermscan Laboratory

20 November 2015

Nowadays, the aging care concerns almost all medical and surgical specialties and it is the French dermatology that holds the most active participation in the skin aging treatment.

Although all organs are affected by aging action, it is the skin which reveals time ravages.
With the objective to evaluate the anti-wrinkle and plumping efficacy of the anti-ageing ialugen program, Dermscan has conducted a single-center study on 30 women aged between 45 and 65 years. Performed open and intra-individual, this test has enabled to compare the evolution of a zone treated with the ialugen Advance Care filler program in relation to an untreated zone, immediately after the first product application and after 14 days of daily treatment.

Using the Primos-Lite, Dermscan was able to measure a significant decrease in roughness and average relief after 14 days of treatment and to demonstrate the tensor and anti-wrinkle properties of the products. Primos Body assessments also permitted to observe a plumping effect on 77% of the subjects. Finally, a subjective evaluation questionnaire completed at the end of study by the subjects revealed the characteristics, the overall efficacy and the later use of the products. Depending on the themes, between 80% and 97% of the users considered the program as enjoyable and efficient, with a non greasy texture, producing softer, more flexible, firmer skin, smoothed wrinkles, etc.

Thus, Dermscan has demonstrated the efficacy of ialugen Advance Care filler program which offers rapid effects for those who look for reducing the visible signs of skin aging.

For more information about this publication detailing our study , please watch:
the article of the French magazine “Réalités_Thérapeutiques_Dermato-Vénérologie”.

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