Polarized and Non-Polarized Light Dermoscopy for pigmentation evaluation by VEOS HD2 – CANFIELD

8 July 2015

Smart, flexible, easy-to-use solutions for dermatologists and skin care professionals to document skin conditions for evaluation and comparisons over time. All VEOS dermatoscopes feature 10x magnification, a powerful digital imaging app, and a long-lasting lithium-ion battery.

The VEOS HD2 with dual-mode lighting is the ideal solution for viewing either subdermal pigmentation and vascularity or surface structure. The trim design fits easily in a pocket and offers a comfortable ergonomic feel in the hand. Precision optics and lighting deliver exceptionally bright and clear view of the finest detail. Quickly switch from polarized to non-polarized lighting with the touch of a button, or snap on the glass contact plate for immersion fluid dermoscopy. An optional iPhone integration sleeve allows one-click attachment for fast, high quality digital preview and image capture.

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