SIAMETRICS quantification of the concentrations of melanin, haemoglobin and collagen in living human skin by MedX Health

21 March 2016

SIAMETRICS Skin Analysis with Metrics

SIAMETRICS allows cosmetic formulators and active ingredient manufacturers to accurately measure and quantify the concentrations of melanin, haemoglobin and collagen in living human skin.

SIAMETRICS is powered by SIAscopy a unique patented skin visualisation and measurement technology which gives an accurate, clinically proven view up to 2mm under the surface of the skin – in vivo.

Data for SIAMETRICS is quickly gathered using the SIAscope, a clinically proven handheld scanning device. A live view ensures that repeatability of the scan area is achievable, making it possible to build up accurate, valuable data about the structure of the skin, enabling any changes in haemoglobin, melanin or collagen to be quantified.

SIAMETRICS is a standalone application that builds up data over time omitting the need for a database. To help save time and manage your trial effectively SIAMETRICS automatically defines unique file names to SIAscans enabling these to be retrieved and viewed at any time. In conjunction with this SIAMETRICS has the ability to export selected data in a platform independent form for analysis using other tools. Preview greyscale or colour SIAscan images can also be exported for use in promotional materials.

SIAMETRICS brings this scientific analysis together with a package to alleviate product trial timescales, making the whole process much easier to manage. With the enhanced information captured in each SIAscan, the whole trial becomes much more valuable, giving a true scientific base to support product claims.

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