Cosmetotest 2023 a Great Edition Around the Preclinical and Clinical Evaluation for cosmetics

29 May 2023

Thank you to the many participants who came to Lyon and the many remote attendees who listen to the 3 great days with 20 scientific conferences and 30 technological presentations of experts around the latest innovations & trends in dermocosmetics testing!

We were delighted with the opportunity of the second edition of Cosmetotest Symposium, these 3 days organized around the evaluation in the Beauty field, in collaboration with Cosmet’in Lyon, a French key and historical player in skin science and with the SF2IC who joined us to celebrate its 20 year birthday.

It is the regular request of the actors of this sector to exchange around scientific themes, to share demos of devices and technological information, to exchange over a coffee between “testing” experts, that germinated the idea of this symposium organized in partnership with the SFI2C and the DIIP. Cosmetotest was born from a crazy idea in 2020, in the middle of Covid, when all doubts hovered over the continuation of scientific events. A desire to meet to carry the voice and present the ways of technological innovation in the testing sector.

We hope the attendees coming from france Europe but also Japan, the 28 exhibitors have spent beautiful days, inspiring for their upcoming evaluation projects and stimulating by the sharings.

We would particularly like to thank:

  • Celine Paillier, President of Cosmet’in Lyon for his confidence and enthusiasm,
  • Marie-Christine Di Murro, secretary of Cosmet’in Lyon, the talented mainstay of the organization and logistics,
  • the entire young team of Skinobs who by their creativity, commitment and unfailing goodwill allowed the organization in the joy and good humor of this event: Inès Deffaf, Eloïse Verrier, Ophélie Rebillard, Antoine Canet, Gabriel Hassan.

We would personally like to thank the scientific teams dedicated to the program design for:

  • in-vivo evaluation day: Bérangère Granger, Agnès Lavoix, Hassan Zahouani, Jean-Christophe Pittet, Pascale Barlier, Sophie Deschamps, Anne Sirvent, Virginie Couturaud, Aglaë Lorand-Machard, Pascale Barlier.
  • in-vitro evaluation day: Aurélie Pagnon, Dominique Sigoudo-Roussel, Jérôme Lamartine and Amélie Thepot.

We hope the participants had an happy and fruitful Symposium.


See you next year 23-24 May 2024 in Lyon!

During these 3 days, 55 conferences and presentations will address new and innovative themes on clinical tests – Well-aging and mature skin, Hair and nail growth and regeneration, Evaluation of acne-prone skin – and on preclinical tests – Place of organoids, spheroids and organ-on-chip in dermocosmetics, Evaluation of endocrine disruptors, Parallel in-vitro and in-vivo tests. Also to be noted is the intervention of a Social Beauty Therapist on the role of a social beautician in the care and well-being of vulnerable people.


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