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Summer Time: Skinobs, its Newsfeed and Press Review are on Holidays!

9 August 2023

The Skinobs team wishes you a nice summer period.

The news feed and press review will take a pause for two weeks.

Since 2015, we have shared with evaluation managers, R&D, marketing, regulatory affairs or formulators around the world (93 countries), more than 3,500 articles that you can find permanently in the news feed. These articles all have in common the field of preclinical tests (in-silico, in-tubo, in-vitro, ex-vivo …) or clinical (consumer tests, scoring, biometrological measurements, sensory or neurosensory analyses) intended for the evaluation of active ingredients, ingredients or cosmetic products whether toxicology, stability, microbiology, safety, tolerance, containercontent interaction, ecotoxicity, biodegradability or efficacy.

🔎 These articles, all related to the analysis of skin, hair or nails, for the dermocosmetics industry are distributed:

  • by Skinobs partners, test laboratories or instrumentation manufacturers, to inform of their news or innovations,
  • through the sharing of articles on this subject published by other media (Cosmetics & Toiletries, Personal Care, Premium Beauty News, Industries Cosmétiques, Expression Cosmétique…) and which seem to us to be of particular interest for the profession of evaluation managers.
  • in connection with scientific or commercial events
  • from the intelligence watch of the testing sector that Skinobs carries out continuously.


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🙏 Thank you to the Skinobs Partners and the users of this incredible tools for their trust!

Have a great summer and wonderful Holidays!

Skinobs Team