ZOOM 26 Safety and Tolerance Evaluation

5 January 2023

After a 2022 filled with exciting plans, Skinobs is excited to bring you news from the beauty industry’s testing experts for the new year of 2023.

For this 26th edition of ZOOM, we are excited to share information about tolerance and safety testing for both preclinical and clinical evaluation.

As always, we bring you the latest news from our partners: Ellead, Cortex Technology, Microfactory, Pixience, Courage+Khazaka, IEC, Imasens, Dr. Goya, Validated Claim Support, proderm, Helioscreen, Evalulab, Expertox, Miravex.


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News from our Partners

  • New updated Colorimeter DSM-4 by Cortex Technology
  • U-Skin : a Correlated Technology by Microfactory 
  • A New Solar Light Simulator for  Helioscreen Cosmetic Science
  • The Impact of the European Strategy for a Toxic Free Environment on the Future Cosmetic Regulation by Expertox 
  • Evaluation of Sensitive Skin by Antera 3D by Miravex
  • Efficacy Tests and Sensory Evaluation of Suncare Products by Imasens 
  • Global Claims, Global Recruitment by SGS proderm 
  • A Flexible Way to Look at Skin & Hair Colour and More by Courage + Khazaka
  • Safety Testing of Cosmetic Products by Dr. Goya Analisis
  • Best Standards for Confirming Skin Tolerance by Evalulab
  • Global Expertise in Safety Tests from In-vitro to Multi-ethnic Clinical Studies by IEC
  • Tolerance Evaluation – C-Cube by Pixience 
  • Clinically Ensuring your Products are Safe and Effective with Validated Claim Support 
  • Ellead Conducts the Clinical Evaluation and In-vitro Test of Ocular Irritation Test by Ellead

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🧫 Preclinical Tests 

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> Overview of the news feed and press review on the theme of safety and tolerance

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